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Scrote-bag is the combination of the word scrote and scumbag. Scrote-bag refers to a person displaying undesirable qualities, actions, attitude, morals, personality. The word is synonym for other names such as asshole, shithead, motherfucker, etc. Origin of the word is not known, however it is heavily used a part of local dialect in Clinton, Missouri.
"Look at that scrote-bag over there driving that car." "What a scrote-bag!" "Who was over at the baseball game? Ah, just a bunch of scrote-bags."
by Jeff K. September 15, 2005
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1. Slang word for the male scrotum.

2. Usually used when referring to a male individual who has poor hygiene, poorly educated, a bad attitude, low or no income or an illegal income. They have little if any contribution to the rest of man kind. See similar definitions of this under White Trash. The scrote bag usually believes they are always right no matter the subject or issue and its very hard to prove to them otherwise. The scrote bag usually has some sort of substance abuse problem and also has a hobby of beating and controlling women. They are usually looking for a handout and feel that everyone owes them something, and have a list of excuses why they are pieces of crap. They have issues with law enforcement and spend most of their life in and out of jails and prisons.
Well that scrote bag is out of jail again, I'm sure he'll be at his house soon beating his girlfriend he lives off of, eating food bought with food stamps and getting drunk with the money a charity gave him.
by Chris Sowards January 03, 2006
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(n) A worthless mouth breather who has the ability to pull their weight in society but instead has made a conscious decision to scam around town. This person usually commits quality of life crimes such as theft, vandalism, burglary, and stealing peoples phones at parties. You will recognize these people due to their appearance that screams "watch your back fool." If you must deal with one of these people make sure to check your wallet periodically and never let them "borrow" something. Your car, phone, five bucks, or cigarette will never return
by BigShteveOh November 03, 2012
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Another word for Douche Bag.
1) Someone who makes a complete ass of themselves on a daily basis and never learns
2) Someone you wouldn't mind punching in the fuckin face
Tim: What the hell is Eric doing??

Gary: Dude, that guy is such a fuckin scrote bag
by Jared1947 August 25, 2008
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A man's fanny pack. A small purse worn like a belt around or slightly below the waist.
"Don't forget to put your wallet in your scrote bag."
by Mike Weisss May 03, 2008
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