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Disney's real name. Anyone who has at least passed 2nd Grade can see that Disney makes shitty movies and boring theme parks.
I wouldn't be surprised if DisNAZI already has its own animated "biography" of Hitler sitting in its warehouse right now, waiting for a future release.
by Jeff K. August 17, 2003
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Scrote-bag is the combination of the word scrote and scumbag. Scrote-bag refers to a person displaying undesirable qualities, actions, attitude, morals, personality. The word is synonym for other names such as asshole, shithead, motherfucker, etc. Origin of the word is not known, however it is heavily used a part of local dialect in Clinton, Missouri.
"Look at that scrote-bag over there driving that car." "What a scrote-bag!" "Who was over at the baseball game? Ah, just a bunch of scrote-bags."
by Jeff K. September 15, 2005
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The poor guy who had his penis chopped off by his evil wife Lorena Bobbitt and was laughed at by the female half of the world.
The John Bobbit case is proof that Feminists are going too far with their anti-male campaigns.
by Jeff K. August 17, 2003
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