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A website that starts with pictures of cute animals, and then goes straight into the picture of a man being fisted by another man; a naked old woman; what appears to be scat play; a man with two fish in his anus; a man having sex with another man, who is uncircumcised and wearing stockings; a midget using a strap on; another naked old woman; a man who has suctioned his anus into a glass jar; montage of naked old men; and ending with two black guys with what look like 2 foot long penises.
Don't go to if you don't have a strong stomach.
by leelaacee April 15, 2011
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A shock site with cute images at the top, but when you scroll below the very large page you come across a few disgusting images. They aren't as bad as most other shock sites. Safe to visit and scroll slowly, just don't go to the bottom if you're very VERY weak in the stomach, to where anything slightly disturbing will sicken you.
Welcome to! Cute things ahead!
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3 is a website the trolls are starting to pick up on. The site features cute animals but after a few pictures of bunnies and deer it goes to disgusting porn pictures. You have been warned.
Hey, have you checked out The pictures are so cute~
by Tigerwings April 13, 2011
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only the bestest, cutest website of cute animals doing very cute things!!! a must see site! check it out now or you will regret it forevaaa!!!
OMG!! sally, changed my life, you have to check it out now!
by jc11981 April 16, 2011
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A site of cute animals that is totally awesome. It features one especially awesome picture of a cat going super sayan on a dog. go there. now.
by El trolololo April 11, 2011
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