Hommie 1: eh yo, why you gotta b feltchin up on my scrills dawg
Hommie 2: fo shizzle my nizzle
by Amy Mondani March 16, 2004
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The sensation of being drunk and high
After smokin up and taking those shots... I am scrilled!
by David Jonker October 18, 2007
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Etymology: Internet Relay Chat Slang. The clutter of intelligible text that scrolls past in a busy IRC channel.
"Argh! I lost me peg-leg in the scrill!"
by Boss Hog July 12, 2004
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The sensation after consuming shrooms
I am so f'ing scrilled!
by David Jonker October 18, 2007
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One of the best personal blogs on the internet. Although "S.K's" identity remains shrouded in mystery, it has been confirmed that he disdains long walks on the beach,
Person A: Ay, you seen Scrill Kosby lately?
Person B: Nah man. But just go to his website, I heard it had plenty of cool stuff. From politics to many other stuffs. Oops, I mean: "from politics to many other things."
by William Crosby October 10, 2010
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a scrill toe is a somewhat of a less developed, if not a inferior 'camel toe' partly named after the smaller Squirrel's foot in comparison to the larger camel's toe.
those flip-flops and bikini that girl is wearing makes her look like she's got a scrill toe, she even legal?
by nip nips September 14, 2010
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