Attack of the nerves or an extreme state of manic disposition.
Hildred has had an attack of the screaming meemies. I think she needs to chill out and have a beer.
by twistedchick August 23, 2007
1. Type of bomb, characterized by a loud, shrill screaming sound.
2. A type of firework, also characterized by a loud, shrill screaming sound.
3. A term used to convey how frightened you are. Commonly used in place of, or along with:
Heebie Jeebies
Booboo Jeebies
Quiver Shivers
Hoohaa Quivers
Shaky Shivers
and Scooby shivers (named for the shaking that the cartoon character Scooby Doo is prone to do when frightened)

Also, used in place of shorter terms, such as:
or shakes
"To get rid of the enemy, screaming meemies were used to destroy the area."

"The screaming meemies were so loud that they made my ears ring."

"This cave gives me the screaming meemies."
When you eat something bad and your shit explodes out of your asshole and gets everywhere
I went to Mexico an got the Screaming Meemies
by TedeMndhb January 17, 2011
The shit that burns your Ass on the way out.
"Mom! I got the screaming meemies again! Bring more toilet paper and some Vicks gel!"
by iamthatguy1993 October 28, 2013