a fortnite clan, had top tier members and montages
lmao that dude trash, he definitely not in scooby gang
by urmomisgayhahah March 23, 2021
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On the cult show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a group, consisting of Buffy and her friends, that fights evil and quips way more than necessary. First referred to as such by Xander as a joke, because the gang sorta solves mysteries, like Scooby Doo and co. The core Scoobies are Buffy, Xander, Willow and Giles; they remain in the group throughout the entire series. Honorary/temporary members include Anya, Tara, Dawn, Cordelia, Oz, and i guess Angel, Spike, Faith, Andrew, Jenny Calender, Wood, and dumb-ass Riley. Hon/temp members are this because they either died (shot through the heart, neck snapped, sliced by a Bringer) joined further into the show (i.e. became someone's girlfriend, were taken hostage, were created from living energy into a person, shit like that), left further into the show (as in had to control werewolf urges, had a hissy fit and flew away on a helicopter), turned evil (i.e. lost soul after moment of true happyness, lost love of life and went psycho, just kinda turned into an uber-bitch), switched to Angel the Series, or quite possibly a combination. Most everyone has a dark side/dark past, and they rarely all get along perfectly, and sometime they screw up, but they're Scoobies :)
"Yeah, I guess the Scooby Gang changes around a lot."
"Time for a Scooby meeting."
"You're the cutest of the Scoobies with your lips as red as rubies and your firm yet supple- tight embrace!" --Xander about Anya in Once More, With Feeling
"Don't tell me we're Scoobies." --a scathing Spike on Angel the Series
by iseveryonehereverystoned August 5, 2012
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1.A group of, adolescent females lacking basic primal instincts.

2. A group of atheist females, who consider men to be the downfall of the planet.

3. A group of single mothers, who believe that complaining about a man's name being in an exam.

A lack of courage - have to do it in big groups of girlfriends

A lack of mind - have to work in big groups to settle small problems

A lack of vowels - TXT speech, E.G Soz BBz Cnt Mk It 2mz bbsitn ma lil sis
Woman - come on bebbykekkz, we need to get to the shops to buy the latest pink tat.

Male - Go and join the scooby gang, you stupid woman.

*male slaps in face with mace*
by finbo November 24, 2005
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a group of teenagers that only care about trucks,boges,quads and country music. You will find most of them at ur local park exchanging dime bags of weed and drugs to each other. They often travel in large groups to seem tough. If u say something slightly negitive about there familys or them they will want to fight u because of it. and because of the first fight more scoob fights will soon follow just so they can get attention. they are deathly afraid of the cops because most of them already have criminal charges for senseless crimes. they treat there home state of urban NJ like its the louisiana byou. they think its cool to dress in hunting camo talk about muddin, fishing and the constant battle between ford and chevy
by anon EHS kid February 19, 2014
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