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Person who lies constantly and tries to make themselves seem cool, also a person who acts different when you are hanging out with him only, then when you are hanging with him in a group.
Gooberface Mcfaggleberry: Man, I am so cool, I totally made out with Hottie McSparklepants last night.
Josh: No you didn't Gooberface...No, you didn't.
by Tyler Sadex May 20, 2004
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Someone who does not believe the still as of yet unproven arrogant theistic claim that "God exists" despite the total lack of empirical evidence for any God(s) what so ever, and despite having thousands of years head start to find any.
Arrogant theist:God loves you!

Skeptical atheist: Prove it.

Arrogant theist: (walking away) That Hellbound atheist is such a scoffer just because I can't actually prove God exists.
by tekphreak March 12, 2013
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