Another word for a budgie, but can refer to any mood or emotion in any given situation. Useful for when no other word describes a person.
Stop being such a scob
She was just scobbing around
I couldn't sleep because the scob was making so much noise
He was as dirty as a scob in need of a bath
by shootdownthestars May 16, 2010
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(pronounced "skawb") Acronym for "scary-obsessive brain". Essentially, the part of your brain that blows things up to ridiculous proportions and obsesses over things. It makes one grateful for privacy of mind. Can be used as a noun or a verb.
(n) "Joe really likes to ski, so of course my S.C.O.B. took that piece of information and is scampering into relationship-land with it..."

(v) "Ugh, I can't stop scobbing over that kid in my English class. I don't even know his name!"
by Posha September 21, 2005
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A word used to describe a facial feature displaying displeasure, annoyance, disgust of offence. It is widely used in parts of Ireland and some remote areas of Kyrgyzstan.
Take that scob off your face.
Stop scobbing at my feet.

She had this big scob on her face.

He scobbed at the price of the ride.
by trixabel January 30, 2011
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An acronym that means Swearing 'Cuz of Boredom. This is when you and your friends are so bored, you are reduced to yelling out random swears, like immature 6th graders.
(The art of SCOB:)
You: Ugh, I'm SO BORED!

Friend: Yeah, I know. FUCK!

You: SHIT!


*You and friend burst out laughing*
by 3RDIE November 23, 2010
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