A slang term for a males weenie/pee-pee. Can be substituted with words like junk, shaft, johnson, tally-whacker or schlong.

The history of the word can be traced back to Athens Drive High School student Taylor Carey.

Deriving from the Latin word of "Schwing" meaning "Great"
"Yo! Sarah just kicked a ball right into Mike's schwing schwong."

"What's wrong Tommy?"
"I just went to go take a leak and I got my schwing schwong caught in my zipper.""
"Ouch, I hate zipper malfunctions"

"Dude, what happend to John? Why's he on the ground?"
"Chris and I just pulled the pool table prank on him, and he got hit right in the schwing schwong"
*Fist Bump*

"Alright guys where do you want to go off to lunch?"
"Wait here comes Kevin, open the back door"
"Yo, what just happened?"
"Matt opened the door right into Kevin's schwing schwong"
by SchwingSchwongByah December 24, 2010
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The incorrect or retarded way of saying swastika.
John: "This is Adolph Hitler. I want you to wear my Schwing Schwong!"

Erik: "Don't you mean swastika"

John: "You know what I meant!"

Erik: "You're an idiot"

John: "I know"
by Erik Shakaki February 26, 2008
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