shuhtz-stah-fuhl (?)

Nazi Germany's most powerful military force, and also Hitler's prefered guard. They had their own ranking system as well. They were, and still are, referred to as the SS.

According to a certain WWII Germany-related website, the SS were soldiers of a code of honor. Very few or none had any relation to The Holocaust (yeah right, lookit Untersturmfuhrer Amon Goeth). Some ancestors of the SS claim that their grandfathers, who served in the SS, fought solely for their country. Interesting stuff to think about (?).
"They were powerful soldiers; we should give'em that. But the idea that the SS had 'little or no relations to The Holocaust' is something that will probably be questioned for a very long time. I don't prefer to talk about this because, seeing as how 'nazi' is such a POWERFUL word, anyone would think I'm a nazi just for the slightest compliment toward a german soldier during WWII. Damn conclusive bastards..."
by Dave March 26, 2004
a thing that the SS yell in Wolfenstien 3D
SS: schutzstaffel! Me: F***
by Mr. llamaton November 10, 2022