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When you feel compelled to destroy something you have built up. (i'm sure there's some technical term for it)

Like, when you go to the beach and you build a sandcastle. The best part about building a sandcastle is jumping on it and watching in sink into the sea.
-Celia grew her nails and then bit them all off! Boy did it feel good.
-Mary grew her hair really really long then cut it all off! She was so happy.
-Janice wrote an entire novel on paper then threw it in the fire. What a laugh.

All these people are enjoying the sandcastle complex.
by CeliaMay December 18, 2005
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Originally 'sod' meant a clump of dirt or earth.

Now it is a soft curse word.
"he held the sod of earth in his hands"

"ah, sod you all!"

"you bloody sod!"
by CeliaMay February 04, 2006
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Inflamation of the schooli. "Itis" meaning "inflamed", and "schooli" meaning "school with an i on the end (for cuteness)"

Kristen's school is inflamed, curse that schooliitis!

Schooliitis is a funny looking word.
by CeliaMay December 30, 2005
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Correction, "Roll on the floor laughing. A vagina in a bucket???"

Originally used for the "Vagina in a bucket" joke. Has morphed into everyday use for any strange joke.
person 1: ...then I found out it was a vagina in a bucket!!
person2: ROTFLAVIAB???!

person 1: what's the difference between a truck full of babies and a truck full of sand?
person 2: what?
person 1: you can't pick up sand with a pitchfork!
person 2: ROTFLAVIAB!!!!!!!!!!!!
by CeliaMay December 11, 2005
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