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the school that doesn't know whether its private or catholic but will definitely either only date fellow women or strictly newington boys. chicken burger prices so high most turn to practicing a vegan lifestyle. currently undertaking a building transformation and students wonder how toilets can remain blocked with their own shit for about a year but school has $$ to undertake a full beauty transformation.
"lets hit bway on glebe pt." wow... you must be a schols girl.
by anwino000 June 21, 2017
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an all girls school full of beef-lovin (especially roasted) lil skanks. They seem nice, yes. Some can be. But most are probably the gronkiest people you have ever met in your entire life. You can never trust a schols girl because they usually go behind your back. Half of them are gay as they usually have sexual intercourse in Tony's garage. They'll go for any guy they see, even if it's a st pats mole. Much luv, fellow schols girl xoxoxo
Oh look it's a girl at tramsheds.
Must be a schols girl.
by scholsgirl October 07, 2017
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