A large quantity of jewish people who travel from mountain to mountain looking for a place to live. Mostly used back in the early 1900's traveling from Russia to Poland to America pre world war 1.
My jewish friend in highschool is such a Schoenberg. He went straight from one class to the other without stopping.
by Matboy123 September 25, 2010
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The best damn time you will ever have at any given time. When a Schoenberger is invovled, you are sure to get one of three things:
1) An orgasm
2) A Migrane
3) Some other third thing

An unstoppable force that comes at you like a WALL WITH LEGS.

Most likely more than you can handle
Person of high repute: My goodness, they are quite possibly the best!

Person listening and thusly commenting: Indeed! They are Schoenbergers!
by ZanderKaboose March 4, 2009
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Whoever shall hold this last name has great power and the ability to get two girls on him at once.
Girl 1: wow! I just got to sleep with Schoenberger last night.
Girl 2: I already know that I was on the other side of him.
by Savageposts January 31, 2016
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An incredibly attractive aspiring model based in the midwest. Every living women would love to have intercourse with him however he is an intellectual who believes in true love.
I wish i was getting fucking pounded by Edward Schoenberg right now.
by Swiss Peppercorn Burger January 25, 2021
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