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Snorting cocaine or any other drug through your nose.
Hey dude lets schnock this oxycontin before we take bong rips.
by The dude z February 12, 2007
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When a male racks his genetali on an instrument. (I.e. Roller-skating glider, bike bar, railing, or a girls knee). Also known as a Weinschnock.
That kid thought he was a good skater, and then he went and schnocked himself..
by Clamout February 03, 2017
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An adjective that applys to anything
"Go schnock yourself"
"Schnock schnock"
" that teacher is a damn schnock, I was so sick last night , i coughed up schnock"
"She gave me a good schnock job!"
by Stephen Arms December 19, 2003
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