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1. a term of endearment
2. often refers to a cutie
3. very adorable
Girl: Hey schmoodles, how are you.
Boy: Hi muffin, I'm great.
by Presti June 24, 2008
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I want to schmoodle John Mayer, twice.
Do you think you can fit in a schmoodle session this tonight?
I could schmoodle you anywhere, especially in the boat house on Lake Quacumquasit.
by Gray! September 07, 2008
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The act of being in a warm embrace with another significant someone on a soft surface.
I was schmoodling Lauren on the couch last night, when Maeve, Rachel, and Lexi walked in wanting to join the schmoodle session. And then we called up the rest of the cabin seven girls, so we waited for Hannah, Daphne, Marya, Hannah, Lily, and Gaby to show up. We sent the pictures to Meredith and Kelsey.
by Gray! August 27, 2008
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