a sufficient word to use in place of any otherwise degrading words. ie lazy, idiot, dumbass

by sara brown October 28, 2003
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a viscous, fluid substance, usually disgusting in nature. refers in particular to large quantities, as used in typical horror films.
the possessed little kid opens her mouth, and SCHMAG! Lookit all the schmag!
by Groan February 2, 2004
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Adjective - A discrete way to describe semen.
Geez John! You got schmag on the pillow again!
by bcterry June 30, 2007
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How many times did you Schmag Pie when we had sex?
by syllchick December 19, 2009
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meredith Anne MAC, a toofypeg dork
Schmag was soo dumb today.
by deuthscke April 17, 2003
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