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pronounced - seppie

a person mostly a girl whos preppy and scene.

-talks scene
-acts scene
-family mostly preppy
-dresses on both scene and preppy sides
-scene music
-goes to prep schools
-belongs to country clubs
-friends with preps and scenes
-scene hair style but not dyed at all
-shops at american eagle, hot topic,abercrombie, thrift stores, and h&m
-scene jewlery with a mix of pearls
-scene / professinal looking myspace page
-X's on hands
-frequently draws on themselfs ie. stars, hearts, lightning, X's, rain,
-has scene totes and vera bradly and other prep bag
-flip flops
-thinks scene guys or girls and preppy guys or girls are hott
-wears uggs and flats
-wears jewlery they made out of office tools ie. paperclips.
sceppy 1 - whoaa have you heard the new valencia song? its the sexx.

sceppy 2 - yes! its almost as hott as that sceppy boy over there!

sceppy 1 - def.
by miranda duhh April 06, 2007
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