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-the little scene kiddies that are young and run around thinking they are so cool because they wear tight pants, band tees and have septum, labret, or monroe piercings.
Jenna: Yo, did you see those little sceney boppers at the show last night?
Steph: Chyea, I just wanted to bitch slap them all and pull out their piercings.
Jenna: Yeah, they are so not cool, unlike us.
Steph: Truuuuue.
by stenna x3 May 28, 2007
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Children under the age of 14 that act scene and usually travel in packs. They make a wholehearted attempt to be hxc or hardcore, and will try to kick anybody's ass that calls them emo.
Bill: Remember those sceney boppers from the Halifax show last week?
James: Yeah, we were outnumbered!
Bill: Well I ran into them at Perkins at about 2 am yesterday. I think they multiplied!
by Talkemotome October 15, 2006
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every stupid kid in the "scene." They think they are hardcore, and not emo. However, they are infact emo. They are into all of the latest cookie-cut corporate rock, though they believe it to be unique and orginal. They like to use x's in names, and use 1's for !
Did you hear about the trendiest new sceney bopper band, xxXx No Bullet for my Bleeding Heart on a Crying Parade XxxXXX, they are so scene !!!11111
by Sketchtool September 18, 2008
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see teeny bopper, and apply it to scene
"like omg, i totally met the singer from 'sky's bleeding heart felt romance novels in the mid november acquaintance of a former love i don't have to love', and like he was all over me."
by kg4 January 20, 2004
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The equivalent of teenybopper, but with Frou Frou and Le Tigre instead of the Backstreet Boys. One who is more interested in being respected in the scene or seen as "hip", and spends vast amounts of money to achieve said reputation.
"I haven't brushed my hair in months and have listened to all of the Mountain Goats twice, can I be indie now?"
by Hecuba December 24, 2004
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Used to describe scenesters, specifically the trendy, younger generation.

A hybrid of scenester + teeny-bopper.
Did you see all the sceney-boppers at the emocore show with their scarves, emoglasses and converse?
by *nik* December 12, 2004
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One of those impressionable teenagers who insist on being, acting, or posing as scene. They normally believe that Hot Topic and Spencers are like temples for their conformist cult, which we call the "Scene Kids." They don't know why they dress the way they do, or act the way they do; they just see the other scene cultists do so and assume that they should, too.

See scene.
A: Oh jeez, Renee is suuuuch a sceney-bopper. She saw Janice cut her hair all choppy, and now she does to! Pee-shaw.
B: Yeah but Janice saw Harold go scene. She wanted to get his attention so she went scene. Gahhhhhd.
by Elle* September 06, 2008
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