points earned for doing or wearing something scene

WARNING: real scene kids don't acknowledge their existance, EVER. real scenesters do scene things because they want to, so if u wanna count point, better do it in ur head.

here are some things that give you scene points
scene clothes-2 points for each item-only clothes u have worn within the past 2 weeks count
scene hair-2 points for every color, 3 for spikes or poofiness, bangs are required
scene s/n or user name-1 additional point per x
peircings-1 point per piercing, 2 if none of ur friends have the same 1 as u
going to shows-10 points for each show you've been to in the past month
food-in the last 2 weeks, 1 point for each energy drink, 1point for each instant
soup, take away 2 points for every day you've eaten meat
belts, pins, necklaces-2 points for each bullet or studded belt, 1 point for every plain belt, 1 point for every pin worn, 2 if it's for PETA or a band that no one knows, 1 point for every oversized or scene necklace worn
scene obsession-1 point for every current obsession
bands-2 points for every band you listen to thats not on iTunes, 10 points for every band member or scene queen ( including guys) you're friends with, 2 points for every band member you've gone out w/ in the past 2 weeks

note-scene points can only be given for things that happened in the past 2 weeks
double points for anything on that list if it's DIY

you lose scene points if you admit they exist
by xradxcorex April 13, 2008
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The basic unit used when aquiring scene cred
person one: I'm so sad that Panic At The Disco got rid of their exclamation point!

Person 2: Ya, they totally lost some scene points for that.
by xValerix April 07, 2008
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Scene points are defined as a tossers way of making people cool.

You gain scene points in many ways. The most common being:
- saying you dont like alcohol and getting wasted on beer
- putting <3 instead of a heart sign
- appearing at drinking establishments such as 'The Quayside' or 'The Winebar.'
- having a myspace which includes pictures taken from ambiguous angles. Bonus points are gained for changing the colour of faces on them.
- going to the local goth's house party just to say "I was there."
- getting the bus home after a boozy night out
- wearing tight pants
- wearing tight shirts
- having a ridiculous hairstyle. i.e. beyond shoulder length, spiked up, covering the eyes, dyed dark black/green/purple
- treating the common area of your local college or place of learning as a second home
- listening to bands who have more screams than actual lyrics themselves
- buying t shirts of such bands

However. There are ways of losing scene points. These include:
- Raveing to pleasure rooms in chavvy bars and nightclubs
- wear nike, adidas, reebok or other sporting brands of clothing
- have a common haircut such as short back and sides or a skinhead
- listening to songs which includes words and are under 50 decibels loud
- driving
- not commenting someone back or not accepting a friend request on myspace.

There are many more ways scene points can be gained or lost. But this is the tosser's definition.
For example. A once normal and upstanding citizen of the community could gain 5 scene points by going to the winebar, turning up in tight clothes, refusing beer then drinking it, taking obscure pictures whilst in there, then getting the bus home.

However, such a person could redeem themselves by getting a short back n sides, driving to the old town wearing an adidas tracksuit, going to a rave, enjoying beer then get a taxi home.
by Roger Watt May 27, 2006
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Points that are earned to "scene" kids or "new jacks" for doing scene activities or having scene qualities.
EX: you can earn scene points by saying scene words, dating a scene person of the same or opposite sex, wearing really scene clothes ( tight pants, tight shirts, kangaroos ), listening to scene music ( hardcore or electro), cutting/dying/styling your hair to look like every other scene kid.
BOY1: Brah,i went and hung out at Albert Taco's after the Every Time I Die show last night.
BOY2: You just earned like 20 scene points bro.
by TracyFuckingT April 10, 2005
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Scene points is a way to make people feel pathetic and Lame..Which they probably are..But still..Scene points aren't nessacery..Soon they will be a dumb fad and ruin the whole scene genre..Like Straight edge and emo.Plus scene isn't all about hating hip-hop.Those are the HxC scene kidds.SxC Scene kidds don't take part in quality points and making fun of other kiddies.
SxC scene kidds:That new kidd has cool hair.
HxC scene kidds:That kidd is such a poser he ahs the same hair as me..He lost so many points.
by Yumi April 15, 2005
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A game played by emo kids. You get scene points by doing stuff.
For example you'd lose scene points for hanging with skaters but you'd gain some for being straight edge.
by Some Random Kid November 01, 2003
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Things stupid scene kids do for attention and to show others how "HxC" they are. Or to show they are more scene than other people.

Trademarks of being scene and things that get you scene points:
owning a crappy tear-blue acoustic
owning a vintage telecaster
putting a pair of childing glasses in your hair
making your hair look stupidly messy
putting random stupid colors in it
prettending that you are cool
wearing exessive makeup,
wearing excessive beads,
wearing girl pants,
wearing excessivly tight clothes
pale skin
liking stupid bands like;
going to watch local bands
being friends with every local band
scene kid: "i'm soooo hardcore"
other kid: "no you are'nt"
scene kid: "omg hxc!"
other kid: "shut up before i knock the scene points out of you!"
by biyatchingabootscheenkidz September 30, 2005
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