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software that scares people into installing and buying more software that makes their system more fucked up than it really is.
Criminals are using scareware to try and infiltrate the victims computers now that they have security software installed
by grizmeister April 20, 2010
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Scareware: Using popular and mis-spelled search terms, the criminals divert people to sites that are seeded with fake warnings about virus infections. The pop-up warnings claim that a visitor's PC is riddled with malicious programs, virusses and spyware. In turn visitors are duped into buying fake removal software.
Scareware peddlers are misleading people with false evidence that their machine is infected with viruses and are encouraging them to download and buy software that basically does nothing.
by kgrr March 23, 2009
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It's for all those dumb hoaxes that get passed around with the malicious intention of getting you to buy some useless program to get rid of a "virus" & when you click on the host link....that's the virus!

Or, the thousands of programs sent to new computer users that don't realize that their security & firewall already provide enough protection from programs these dopes want you to buy.
I had a page come up that looked just like a " Microsoft Windows Vista OS" and almost fell hook,line & sinker for this "Scare-Ware" until I noticed in the lower left hand corner that the "address" of the computer security system was no where near the same as mine. These programs also confuse us further by giving us double negative choices such as:

"If you want to cancel this application, click No" & if you want to "Save to File on your computer,click Cancel" which is thoroughly confusing.
by BigGnuSwede May 31, 2009
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