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Someone who tries to scam you via email after you list something on craiglist. They typically send you a form email requesting personal information so they can "arrange for payment". Normally they don't reference the specific item you listed but refer to it as "your product" or "your listing". Scamtards are worse than used car salesmen but not quite as bad a child molesters.
Sample email from a scamtard:
Am Harry Danny, from Bronx in New York USA but am presently in United Kingdom, soon I will be Back after i execute my Company Assignment here, and am interested to buy Your item if only it’s still available for sale, well my method of payment is via Cashier check and as for the shipping I have a prepaid shipper that take care of all my shipping needs, so he will come over to your Destination for pick up because he is also picking some of my other item I purchase in the same city of yours, i will also like to know the Final Selling price for the Item, so if you are interested in Selling it to me, i would like you to give me the Final Selling price and feed me out with this information on how to mail the check to your destination.
Zip code:
Phone Number:

Please withdraw the advert off to avoid disturbance from order buyers.
Harry Danny
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