An illegal cab driver who curb crawls central London for drunks and E-heads. He is usually called Tremendous, of African persuasion and his car will have no tax or insurance. Once you have haggled the fair from Islington to Peckham down to 45 quid, you and your six mates will squeeze into his Datsun Cherry and proceed to add the smell of your five donner kebabs to the already pervasive waft of rancid BO, dreadfully disguised with fluffy dice, acting as air freshner.

As soon as Tremendous has traversed Tower Bridge he will be waking you up to ask directions. This is where the violence could potentially start. However this is often avoided, thanks to the can of mace he keeps under the passenger seat. Once Tremendous has applied the mace to your face he then throttles you with the seatbelt, pistol whips you, and rag-dolls you out of the window till all your credit cards fall out. He then, empties all of your friend’s pockets and carries out multiple identity fraud for the next 17 years without getting caught.

He can sometimes be found sniffing lighter-fuel at the wheel.
Hey Batty, did him get troo dem blhurd clhaaart rice'n'peas?

Nah man, me left early and got a scabber home. I'm now wanted by several loan sharks.
by surf biffin September 6, 2007
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A Scabber is someone who, leaves you for someone else, or to do something else
_to be scabbed off_
A: Erm, No i cannot come with you, im off with a girl somewere....
B: Omg, you scabber you could of let me know
C: Damn! "B" you just got scabbed off! Be Atch!
by baleeta April 9, 2009
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1. the affectionate name of an opening batsman who can only score or scab runs on the onside.

2. a character from harry potter with rat like features.
1. the name of the oldest child of a man who works in an oil rigg.

2. looks like a rat and scabbers
by rubbaman1 March 4, 2011
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A female who is often engaged in the nefarious acts of using her femininity to gain ascendancy in a relationship - generally to siphon off the targets material belongings into her own possession. (A derivation of scabbing, the art of acquiring things from other people through legitimate requests).
Andrea the scabber saw the horde of subway stamps that the venerable hero of the story had amassed and immediately set forth using her most pleading tone (better used for begging sex) in order to secure a "small percentage" of his stash.
by Terrence Travesty October 24, 2005
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A usually Australian term where person that gets something from someone and doesn't pay back and gets away with it.
Kid 1: Hey I'm going to the servo for a monster wanna come with?
Scabber: Yeah I don't have money though can u get me one?
Kid 1: Yeah sure but you'll pay me back right?
Scabber:... yeah...sure
by reddit is boss November 2, 2020
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