S.C. AKA "Stunt Cock." Usually another word for a dildo, or can be used to describe another man who comes in as a pinch hitter when the first guy fails to satisfy and leaves a woman frustratingly horny and bothered. SCs are what conscientious lovers keep on hand and use on their women after they either come too fast or can't get her off enough times or when she's ready again and the man isn't. Men who use SC's are self assured in their manhood and sexuality and don't get offended by using them. Instead, they are proud of the fact that they satisfy every time without worry of rejection because their women are always satisfied no matter what. They are also extremely rare due to the rule with few exceptions that men are generally selfish and careless when it comes to their older or less attractive girlfriends.
My friend came over again last night. Fortunately, he brought an SC with him this time so I was able to fall asleep and be productive the next day! Thank goodness. He was less selfish than I thought! Guys like that are hard to find!
by IMHOYYY November 13, 2019
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1. My copy of SC keeps crashing.
2. I'm stuck in LA with no mode of transportation back to SC. Stupid major cities!
by dj gs68 August 04, 2003
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Mom: "Want to go sit in his lap?"

Daughter: "No... that SC is creepy."
by gibberling April 29, 2007
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South Central, Straight Comptan, or Southern Cali.
Man 1: There was shooting in the SC.

Man 2: Which one?
by Phreak June 20, 2004
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