Kenyan slang/sheng for 'all good'
eh as in that jama looks sawa!
by Nzilani May 4, 2004
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'sawa' is a word that is used by many Africans

this word means 'ok' in swahili
'ill be there in 5 mins'
by HADI AZIZ November 21, 2018
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A very lazy pronunciation of sawer.

Slang for one who saws.
Sarah wanted to be a sawa, but then someone told the bitch that sawa-in' had little to do seeing stuff.

lord shes stupid
by collin miller October 19, 2003
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it means ok or that's fine/sweet. depends on what context your using it in.
1: hey, dude, you goin to the club with me tonite?

2: ya man. can i get that ride to?

1: sawa bro. it's gonna be bananas.

2: are michele and olivia goin to?

1: no doubt.

by voodooteel August 24, 2009
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Sawas stands for suck ass with a straw .

You can use this when defining how much something sucks .

This word is primarily used for giving your opinion about some things .
Text message : ugh school sawas

Talking with someone: that movie sucked ass with a straw
by Allenblan.corp Snapchat October 26, 2018
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Ex Teen Heartthrob. Actor Known as Casper to some people or STAN by others. Actor who is a charmer even when almost 40.
Do you know an actor named Devon Sawa
by WarOfHearts July 7, 2018
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