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a bad creator from the game "Geometry Dash" that which lurks the depths of the "1 CP Sewers"
Person 1: "That creator, Kazeen, they're a really savic creator."

Person 2: "Yea, their level Deviant really sucks, the gameplay and sync is horrible.
by DShifter May 10, 2018
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The state or existence of combined savagery and epicness.
Lasse Gjertsen's hair is pretty savic.
by Byron Jennings January 21, 2008
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A word that describes epic and savage put together.
Dude, that was freaking savic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Sarah and Byron January 21, 2008
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Savìc is a cute~, sweet, shy, strong, weird boy!
Doesn’t talk a lot to lots of people.
Always does weird stuff. Talks funny and cute.
Can’t find the perfect profile picture. Addicted to memes.

Protect this boy at all cost
Person 1: hey, look at Savìc. Why is he laying down on the ground?

Person 2: He’s Savìc. He’s weird.
Person 1: Why do you always say that?
Person 2: Ask him define himself in one word and you’ll see...
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by AnAnnoyingBitch July 24, 2019
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