5 definitions by Atletifan173

Absolute chad of a Spurs fan who penetrates every girl he sees. Matthew is also a inspirational character as Spurs are a shit team but he doesn’t give up on them. Be like Matt
Ali : Bro Matt is so annoying

Chad : Stfu Matthew Spurs can knock ur inbreed head off with one punch
by Atletifan173 June 24, 2021
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Savic Defender of Atletico Madrid is a sexy beast that has a six pack and is also known as the king of Montenegro Country.
Atletico fan : Savic is better than Virgil Van Dijk
A chad football fan : i agree with this opinion
by Atletifan173 June 22, 2021
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Jan Oblak of Atletico de Madrid is the best goalkeeper to ever play the game. He is also the idol of many in Slovenia 🇸🇮. Jan Oblak also has the sexiest beard of all time and is the only valid ginger.
Ali : Remember when Jan Oblak The Best Goalkeeper ever won the ballondor A award given to the best player in 2021
A chad football fan : Yes , it was well deserved
by Atletifan173 June 22, 2021
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Basically the best player , he is also known as Lemardona. Legend says he thought messi how to dribble.

“When i was little , i used to skip school to watch Lemar play” - Pele 1928
Thomas Lemar has won ucl for atleti”

by Atletifan173 August 22, 2021
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Yannick Carrasco is the best football winger in the world. He plays for Atletico de Madrid and Belgium NT. Its also said that Cristiano Penaldo is a big fan and has asked for tips on how to score many times.
Ali : Remember when Yannick Carrasco megged Ter Stegen and ended his career

Strippy : Yes, he absolutely penetrated his career
by Atletifan173 June 23, 2021
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