sawnt, sahnt

To look, find or view in some way. To hear, see, taste, observe or feel. To seek something or someone. To smell, stalk or to interact in almost any way imaginable. You are simply saunting. Also to fuck.
Did you saunt that mess I made in the toilet?

I can saunt that smelly whore from across a couple of foot ball fields!

Geeze Fred, I can saunt your fart in my mouth...

I'm trying to saunt them, the crowd is just too big.

It is way too loud, I can't saunt a thing!

Okay, I am trying to saunt it in my head...

Stop saunting her, she clearly doesn't like it!

I am going to saunt the shit out of you as soon as we get home!
by Lunarclyptic November 26, 2016
I'll saunt you
by the meow savage August 15, 2015
the same thing as saying you saw something
Friend: "hey man, did you see the truck fly down the road?"
Me: "I fuckin saunt it"
by Spazbuchanan October 15, 2016
She is your stepmothers sister, she is your step aunt / SAUNT.
We went to my SAUNTS house . I love my SAUNT she is the best
by magmagxo August 11, 2019