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a person thats usually thought of being a bitch, but has real good intentions. She can change her ways, but at the same time she needs people to notice that she is changing. There usually born in the 90s or just plain back in the day. They are real smooth with there words but at the same time have feelings. There known to care about all lot of people, but when hurt your officially cut off. Saude's hold grudges, but eventually let things go. Saude's are also lovers and they hate to have there heart. Like they have to go threw like a whole system of getting there self together. Saude's are sweet sensitive people, that are kind of spoiled, but mature at the same time. Also there great listeners, and care about people problems. They try to be the best that they can be, and thats what they fix there self to 'perfections'
saude is a perfectionist, she just want's to fix everything
by Saude' July 16, 2017
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