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a term used to describe anyone who has had their lives ruined by this defunked 2 bit car manufacturer. it applies to saturn owners as well as its employees,the idiots that bought these things thinking that it was a "different kind if car company" ha! Morons!GM funded the project ! Did you really think incompitant bafoons like Rick Wagner and his scumbag buddies could do something right? And even if they did history shows us that they would ruin it anyway. As for the employees,(especially the ones at the retail level)here's a bunch of dedicated hard working people who really did buy into the concept of taking care of the customer, these folks killed themselves working hard to make good on GM's fuck up. These are the true victims, they are getting fucked worse than anyone else! Think about this, congress is giving billions of taxpayer dollars to GM so they can restructure(get rid of employees and brands)including saturn, that means that everyone who works for saturn gets to pay GM to fire them ! That's like being raped and having to pay the guy who did it for medical expences he incurred while he raped you. In closing I just wanna say, thanks GM for all the wonderful work you did in fleecing the public yet again! Enjoy my money and i hope you fucking die!
Hey! look at all those people in the welfare office,I wonder are they saturn owners or employees? They've all been saturnized!
by prince of penetration March 27, 2009
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