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the only place where you can lose your dog, and watch it run away for 4 days.
saskatchewan is flat, like edmontons chance at winning the stanley cup.
by Cflames June 22, 2007
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Easy to draw, hard to write.
Guy one: "How do you spell saskatchewan?"
Guy two: "I don't know just draw it."
by fleump May 31, 2021
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A place used by TV shows when they want to name place that no one can find on a map.

It's actually just a retangle in the middle of Canada where farmers grow grain.
Tourists: Can you tell us where we are?
SaskPerson: You're is SASK-AT-CHE-WAN!
Tourists: Honey, they don't speak English here?
by Joe Shork May 8, 2005
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canadian province that no one can spell. flat expanses of praries, home to canada's best football fans. the capital city of regina rhymes with fun (pronounced like vagina). the brithplace of modern canada back in the '50s, when tommy douglas set up the liberal reforms that now guide the nation.
saskatchewan is way out there.
by Provincial Mood December 14, 2007
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A prarie province in western canada.
The main cities are saskatoon (about 250,000 people) and the capital regina (about 200,000 people).There isnt much in saskatchewan except farms,some forest and a couple of deer.
Winters are cold as hell and summers are short and bug infested.
If you enjoy living in saskatchewan then you must either have an IQ of 5 or have spent most of your life in winnipeg.
saskatchewan,flatter than your 12 year old daughter
by benchod123 September 5, 2010
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Saskatchewan -

Suesy and sam kiss at the church hill every wednesday at noon
saskatchewan sucks
by whoiswho? May 3, 2009
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Home of the Canadian Public Healthcare System. Home of the first Democratic Socialist government government in North America. Home of farmers. Home of Ukrainian immigrants.

Easiest political body in the world to draw.
Saskatchewan's capitol is Regina, the city that rhymes with fun!
by Riley Lewis August 18, 2004
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