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A really zippy one liner from Sarge - a character from the popular web series Red Vs. Blue.
Here are two examples of a sargeism:

"Hey blue, how do you like them apples? And by apples I mean bullets! In your face! How do you like them pears? Guess what I mean by pears. These nuuuts."

"Doctor Sarge says take two barrels of this shotgun and call me when you're dead. Ring ring, hello? Is it you? Yep! You're dead."
by Sidmow November 20, 2008
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A Sargeism is a phrase said Sarge of the Red Team that relates to shooting and/or killing someone.
"Hey Grif, could you hold these bullets for me, in your gut", followed by a gun shot - this is one of many Sargeisms.
by Rubber Jimmy February 07, 2007
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