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a screechy terrifying young girl who scares the living shit out of me
also a lil' bitch who will kill if you even mention sans not being real
Me: did you see that sans fangirl
Sans Fangirl: WAT U SAY ABOUT ME
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by Whyjust...why June 23, 2017
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The pinical of cringe on YouTube,Tumblr,Deviantart, etc who torture your eyes with their usually terrible OCS and there are only a select few who actually are ok and those are the light of heaven in the pile of cringe
Person 1:Did you see that Sans Fangirl on YouTube? They were terrible!
Person 2:Yeah! All of them are terrible!
Person 1:All except for a few like ScootaloLovesSans she makes good content!
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by ImDyingInside June 24, 2018
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