It means when someone goes poopie in the turtle in the bad toilet weweoweooo
and it also means like a creature that is similar to a snake but a downgraded one

Nicknames: badboyhalo, potato, 14141414

add me discord pls, vert#7216
Imagine this in a form of a dialogue

Badboyhalo: I wish I was as good as skep3247y
skepporini: ur sanke sucks
badboyhalo: nu pls :(( haha noobie doobieee
skepizza: i likeeee to play monecraft
badboynoobob: i like turltes in plastic big yey
by add me on discord vert#7216 March 10, 2020
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a retarded snake. aka someone who has snaked you or did some snakey behaviour but is also retarded
mollie was a stupid "sanke" and lied about going to bed.
by schligga November 15, 2020
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lazy way of saying "something" in south of england
im just going dan tan for sank
by ross106 April 21, 2008
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A alternative to saying "Thanks". Mainly used because less effort is required to be able to say it. Often used amongst the teenage species of remote towns in rural Australia.
"Can you get me a McFlurry if you're goin' to Maccas? Sanks!"
by dw070 July 9, 2005
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An Asian immigrant who is unable to speak English properly.
"Oh, sank yu, sank yu."
by Squirrel November 25, 2003
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A mix of of Sorry and Thanks. This can be used when you do something that makes another person go out of there way and you feel bad.
Erika: Can I get a ride to work, it’s an hour away.

Carl: I guess.

Erika: SANKS
by Goose_boi1 May 28, 2021
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a word other people repeat to imitate how Chinese people talk.
I'm Chinese, sanks for helping me.
by week4hoh December 7, 2018
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