1. A term used to define that a man is going to "get" some from his girl. Often used from guy to guy in describing ones plans for the night; A common substitue for the word sex.

2. A tasty snack consisting of two slices of bread and a gourmet middle.
1. Jim: What are you doing tonight bro?
Bob: Dude im going to make my girl give me a gourmet sandwhich. Maybe some extra mayo!

2. Bob: What are you eating bro?
Jim: Oh just a BLT sandwhich man. Its chill.
by sandyeagle April 25, 2011
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code for sexual intercourse. used around parents and other people who you dont really want knowing what your up to.
*in the car with mom, dad, girlfriend*

I leaned over to my babe sitting next to me and told her how i was in the mood for something in particular. She asked me what could that be? I said how about some sandwhiches?
by Dr. Hard Caulk July 02, 2009
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Dosent mean anything. Makes people confused!
Person 1: HEY! Your so dumb!

Person 2 :At leas tim not a sandwhich!
by Tiffany November 21, 2004
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A sexy girl who know's how to flaunt it, but doesn't flaunt to much.

She's a great friend to everybody, and is usually gorgeous!

If you ever meet a sammy, you should immediatley try to befriend her because she will be one of the greatest people you will ever meet!

She has an eviable body and a beautiful, angel like face!
She has to be a Sammy, there's just no other explanation! (sammy is short for sandwhich)
by the awesome sandwhich April 09, 2011
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the scrumptious national food of the magical land of minigirl. is best served with extra pickles, cheese, and bun seeds. some variations of this delectable dish include sweet and sour sauce.
by nickche February 03, 2009
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Man 1: Did you smell that dudes breath?

Man 2: Smells like he ate an Ass Sanwhich

Man 1: You mean a Shit Sandwhich

Man 2: No, I mean an Ass Sandwhich, get with the times ass hole
by I got you back July 12, 2009
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A musician with no musical talent. The type that makes you go "WHAT THE HELL MAKES THEM AN ARTIST?" Derived from the ridiculous term subway uses for their employees.
"Wayne isn't an artist....he's a sandwhich artist."
by the hashtronaut June 28, 2012
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