Junkies in Philly wear adidas sandals with white socks year round. i have no idea why. at all.
kensington junkies/crackheads wear overside white tee, adidas sandals with socks, and really long rocawear shorts while they sell works outside of somerset and kensington ave by the el.
by KandAjunkie December 13, 2009
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An open-toed rubber sandal. Mostly worn by adolescent girls for comfort or fashion and very common in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and its suburbs in New Jersey and Delaware.

Very common with adolescent girls that play middle school and high school sports. More common with girls who play sports that participate in soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and swimming. Most usually worn before or after a game and sometimes during school.

It is also quite common to be worn by adolescent girls that attend catholic school, while in their uniform, when they are traveling to and from school, by car or public transportation or walking, or after school at a public place such as a fast food place or the mall.

The three malls in the Philadelphia Area where you will find most catholic school girls wearing Adidas Sandals after school are Franklin Mills, Deptford Mall, and Moorestown Mall.

Most catholic school girls that wear these usually put their adidas sandals in their lockers during school. It is uncommon for unattractive girls to wear them.

A lot of men, 20 years old and older, who have a fetish for adolescent girls and their feet or who have a catholic school girl fetish, often find this very attractive and arousing. Some girls that attend catholic schools that require them to wear tights with their uniform, notably St Hubert Catholic High School For Girls, will wear socks under their tights for the reason that they do not want their feet to stink or because they do not want other guys to see their feet or toes. The term for this is often called "Hubert Denied" and is often used in conversation by guys, who share the same interests, who are disappointed or angry when they thought they could see the girl's feet through her brown St Hubert tights when later all they saw was an outline of her foot in a sock.

Also very common to be worn, with or without socks, by girls between the ages of 18 and 21, attending college while at their dorm or going to, from, anr/or attending class.
1. "I saw this Philly catholic high school girl in her uniform wearing Adidas Sandals. Oh my god, she was so hot!"

2. "I was at our High School's Girls Varsity Soccer game. After the game, I saw a girl and all her teammates take off their pads and socks and put on Adidas Sandals. In turn, I got a major woody."

3. "Cottman Avenue and Torresdale Avenue in Philadelphia, is the mecca of girls in school uniforms wearing adidas sandals! We call it Huberts HQ."

4. "Sorority girls are so hot in their barefoot Adidas Sandals!"
by The Jax January 16, 2007
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Perhaps the most comfortable of all combos, the Adidas Sandals and Socks Combo provides unrivalled comfort along with looks that will pull the most hard-to-get bitches. Common amongst Europeans (mainly Croatians/Bosnians), such a combo dates back centuries and has proven to withstand the tests of time to evolve from leather to the new plastic, Adidas sandals.
Slipping into his Adidas Sandals and Socks Combo, Dave was ready to tackle treacherous endeavours and whatever challenges life throws up, as only such a combo can handle impossible tasks whilst providing extreme comfort, style and sex appeal.
by Dave M8 March 31, 2014
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