The samoflange is also part of one of the infamous Thundercats voiceover out-takes.
"...and get your foot off that blasted samoflange.... what the f*** is a samoflange?!"
by nick May 15, 2004
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After fighting the Thundercats on several occasions I've heard Panthro refer to the samoflange when talking about the Thunder Tank. Sound wise, a flange is an echo. So, logic says that a 'samo' is a prefix. But a prefix for what?
Thunderian, by nature are war-like, but not by upbringing. This leads be to believe that a 'samo' has something to do with the eternal strugal between good and evil. I've also heard Panthro say, while in the Thunder Tank,"Keep your foot off that blasted samoflange!" This only strenghten's my point even more.
These points that I have brought up lead me to make on conclusion what a 'samoflange' is. A samoflange is a nuclear powered, subterrian, tank mounted, brain control echo generator. It makes perfect sense; that tank has more weapons than it needs and Lion-O is bent on 'uniting' everyone under the 'Code of Thundera'.
Keep your foot off that blasted samoflange!!
by Kimi May 08, 2004
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A samoflange is a subset of glass-blown bowl or pipe (does not include bubblers/bongs/etc.)used to smoke marijuana. The defining characteristic of a samoflange is its inability to kick or clear into your mouth, a common problem with smoking from a bowl. Meaning, no unwanted ash or "scooby snacks."
A samoflange must be dubbed as such before it can truely qualify as such. The dubbing process is as follows:

Once a smoking sesh has ended...
First a sesh partner must initiate the ceremony by placing his foot on the samoflange.
A second partner will then proceed to recite the words of Panthro.
To finish, the first partner will recite the words of Tigra.
This completes the dubbing process and the pipe has become samoflangisquous.
PANTHRO: "...and get your foot off that blasted samoflange!"
TIGRA: "What the hell's a samoflange?!"

as from Thundercats Episode 1
by Smoke Team April 17, 2007
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samous flangus- defind by the greek theorist milo as a large unusual pickle being held by the al queda in basra. In modern terminology as an accelerator on a VW Polo (1989 Model in cappicino black.)
Episode 193728/a6.99 of Heartbeat, Isaac says to Sam "KEEP YOUR FOOT OFF MY BLASTED SAMOFLANGE..."
by Jamie Lee Roberts June 26, 2005
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A samoflange is a bomb, typically used to unblock, or open doors.
It was locked, but we used a samoflange to open the safe.
by Orgrimmar May 13, 2005
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Before Thundercats, it was a mysterious gizmo in World of Warcraft, though actually spelled "samophlange" there. The entire point of the quest is to bring it back to the goblin engineer so he can figure out what it is.

Pretty sure a samophlange/samoflange is a merely a maguffin.
All the internet geeks debated endlessly on the practical usage of a samoflange, but nobody ever quite figured it out.
by sammy flange December 20, 2016
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