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After fighting the Thundercats on several occasions I've heard Panthro refer to the samoflange when talking about the Thunder Tank. Sound wise, a flange is an echo. So, logic says that a 'samo' is a prefix. But a prefix for what?
Thunderian, by nature are war-like, but not by upbringing. This leads be to believe that a 'samo' has something to do with the eternal strugal between good and evil. I've also heard Panthro say, while in the Thunder Tank,"Keep your foot off that blasted samoflange!" This only strenghten's my point even more.
These points that I have brought up lead me to make on conclusion what a 'samoflange' is. A samoflange is a nuclear powered, subterrian, tank mounted, brain control echo generator. It makes perfect sense; that tank has more weapons than it needs and Lion-O is bent on 'uniting' everyone under the 'Code of Thundera'.
Keep your foot off that blasted samoflange!!
by Kimi May 08, 2004
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someone that isn't ever going to be real, because she's way too perfect.
she made sqaull talk!Quistis bugged him for ages, andhe still wouldn't acknowledge her existense....
by Kimi March 16, 2004
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The 2nd best band (beaten only by Queen) tho Kelly Jones is far hotter than Freddie Mercury lol.
They rocked Manchester MEN!!! so glad i went...even if my m8 did get harrased lol
by Kimi December 13, 2003
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