another way to spell the popular name "sam" adding another m makes it cool & original
samm is the coolest chick ever.
by samantha =) May 09, 2005
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Samm is a lot of things. And is a cool girl who has style. She is a girl who is there for everyone to talk to and give advice at anytime. She is usually smart but doesn't like to pay attention in class. She is loved by many but also hated by many. She tries hard at anything she does. She is very athletic. Many people think she is pretty but she may have low-self esteem at times. If you date a Samm then you know she will stay loyal to only you. If a Samm falls in love then she falls hard. A Samm often gets very socially awkward without the intentions to.
cool Awesome samm

Girl 1: "Did u see that girl today? She was drop dead gorgeous."

Girl 2: "Must be a Samm."

Girl 3: "I hate her."

Girl 2: "How could u hate a Samm?!"

Girl 3: "I don't have a reason. She is just such a Samm!"
by Awesome99 January 03, 2014
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Samme is a fun loving, popular girl. She's a cheerleader, and in ASB. She's a little weird, but you'll never get bored around her. She's there for you whenever you need her, as long as you're on her good side. if you aren't, she'll talk shit about you without fear.
man, i wish i hadn't gotten in that fight with samme. now everyone hates me.
by your mommaa. January 16, 2010
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An alternative spelling of Sam (short for Samantha) that looks more feminine and interesting.
Samm is a really great girl.
by Samm29 July 10, 2008
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Girl 1: Did you hear about how tiffany started that rumor about that girl? It was horribly mean!
Girl 2: Oh my god I heard that, shes such a samm. I hate her.
by 10111993 February 15, 2009
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A bastardisation of "Damn" derived from a typo.
"Samm it!"

"...And God sammed them all to hell for their sins"
by burbster November 28, 2003
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Samm is the shortened form of the name Sammantha.
Some awesome people have parents that want their child to have a different more creative spelling of the name "Samantha" so they add and extra "m".
Therefore the people with this awesome and creative spelling have the right to shorten it to "Samm" which also has to m’s.
But the problem with this is that some ungrateful bitches with the original spelling of the name "Samantha" steal this originality by stealing the extra m and adding it to their name and pretending they came up with it in their little fucking retarded head.
by Sammantha- August 03, 2007
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