A smart, loyal and loud girl that has been broken by many guys and that is lowkey really freaky and will do anything you want.She's highkey crazy if you mess with her.She will give you a lot kisses and is a very affectionate person once you break through her walls.Lastly she is the life of the party.
"Samaris is the type of girl i want!"
"Samaris is a good girl but you don't want to mess with her!"
by yourdailytreesh January 10, 2019
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An extremely intelligent and beautiful girl whose heart knows no bounds, she shields herself from the unworthy but realizes she has only one kryptonite...love.
Everyone wants a Samarie in their life!
by RamonT:) September 28, 2013
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Samari is a fine women with a fat ass. She is very thick. She is even prettier than some people She is very smart and is really good at track.
Larry: hey did you here about Samari
Joe: yeah I did I can smack that was any day I want
by Wassgooods February 20, 2019
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She talks about the most random stuff, but you cant stop smiling at the dumb shit she says. She very edge likes dark clothes,makeup, accessories etc.

Doesnt mind being alone, but love to be with people. Has not many friends but the ones she has are cool asf (however tbh she always has that one lame ass friend).
Toby: That girl Samari is pretty fun to be around!
Jin: Samari is really pretty for being a little emo... ): ops :)
by @iknowihurtyou March 22, 2019
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Has a cute smile, prettt eyes and a beautiful face. Very sweet and smart girl. Sometimes can be very blunt,other times very anxious and shy. The funniest thing is seeing her ignoring you when they don't want anything to do with you. Very emotional because of her trust issues. Saddest thing to know about her is that she will do anything to make a friend smile while deep down broken inside.
Jake: samari does too much for friends and does nothing to make herself happy.
Devin: I wish Samari was more happier she a great friend but no one is a great friend to her.
by @iknowihurtyou March 22, 2019
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Loving girl ❤️Will do anything to be with her crush🥺doesn’t like to be alone💔she’s a very loyal and intelligent person🤕💕she loves to be treated how you treat her 🥰❤️Don’t get on her bad side cause she will spaz out on you 💯shes a caring person
Get you a samari 💯❤️Treat her right 🥺❤️
by Elagabalus October 19, 2019
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Samary is a funny almost always happy very short latina with long hair
she is a total samary
by chuck442 October 19, 2010
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