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Smart, intelligent, nice,beautiful,strong,tells it like it is person. If your name is samaraha your born naturally awesome.
Person:Describe your personality

Me: I'm .....I'm...............SAMARAHA!!!!!
by Naturally awesome August 10, 2016
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A kind, intelligent girl. One who hopes on many things and is always wishing. Although Samaraha is wise, she gets easily disappointed with many things. She's true to her lover and is, or may be in the future a LGBTQ member. She's afraid of her true identity and longs for the truth. She is very pretty and she parties so often! Samaraha is a fun person to be around and loves animals. Samaraha is not fond of many of her capabilities, yet she exels in many things. (especially art)
"Samaraha you're sweet!" Said Ami her friend.
by Madelyn’s DEFFYS! January 17, 2019
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