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doesnt know whats up takes peoples fries without asking and goes around with a swilers hoodie and is 780 pounds
wow that pig is a real sam kelly
by wgjhurghjerophygfh December 05, 2017
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Some professional gamer at fortnite who thinks Max is a salt queen x10000000000000000000000. He isnt a bad guy after all. He is actually a great person that is happy with everyone and likes to be around friends. He is the greatest guy you’ll ever meet. Follow him on Instagram @InstantMemez_
Sam Kelly is the best Fortnite player ever! I really wanna meet him someday!
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by ImBetterThanNinja June 09, 2018
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thinks hes the shit but actually is a bitch that doesnt know it he he has a legend city sweater on but doesnt have any shoes
by wgjhurghjerophygfh December 21, 2017
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