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Its a Hindi word which means capable or having ability or capacity
India is saksham in defending itself against terrorism.
by sammyboy2810 December 26, 2011
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The superiority of the male race. This individual sub species dominates over every other, making them the leaders of all men. Usually picking up hot chicks and showing them a good time, while still keeping a 4.0 GPA. There is only one word to describe an Saksham and that is success. No matter what, they are bound to succeed in life, and usually they get what they want no matter what it takes.
They will usually go to an ivy leauge college

Usually end up with a great job

Usually end up with a 7 figure salary

Get all the good women

Sakshams are ALWAYS the sexiest
That guy is so hot!
He must be Saksham!
by Frenchant October 21, 2016
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This word refers to a man who is a dumb shit and has a lot of friends that he doesn’t know hate him. He is also known as a pedophile who likes to fuck furniture. Someone referred to saksham must be incredibly shit.
by dfasdkjfhew June 13, 2017
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