Tattoo artist from California that revolutionized the tattooing community today. When people think of "traditional" tattoos, they think of Sailor Jerry's work.
When I was in Cali, I picked up a print of some original flash by sailor jerry.
by Denis Baldwin February 3, 2004
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1. Alcoholic beverage consumed by teens and young adults to get fucked up. Resulting in being that really drunk kid everyone talks about, the drunk passed out kid on the couch who everyone picks on, or the girl fell over flashing her cooter to the world. Causes memory loss and no recollection of what you did, who you did or what happened that night. Waking up the next morning after drinking the Sailor, you mumble "how the fuck did I get here?"

2. Drink it down to see what the pinup girl looks like
1. That kid drank some Sailor Jerry and no he is so shit housed right now, look at him passed out on the couch..find a marker lets draw a cock on his face and a handle bar mustache!

2. Johnny "That pinup girl on the Sailors bottle is so fine"

3. "Get that bitch some Cheez-Its"
by peaches n' beats August 24, 2010
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What happens when you drink Sailor Jerry's rum. These are the three stages of being Sailor Jerry Fucked.

1. After so many drinks, getting laid is the only thing on your mind. You will do and say the most obscene shit because it makes you so horny.
2. Anger. If you don't get laid within an hour of the first stage, someone is getting fucked up. You become blind with anger, fight your firends and yell at strangers.
3. Puke or pass out. After this, you will either puke and pass out, or puke in your sleep. Either way, you are totally fucked.
That chick is Sailor Jerry Fucked, she made out with that dude, punched her friend in the face, and puked on her shoes all in one hour.
by Ect813 February 24, 2011
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A beautiful dark Caribbean rum blended with vanilla and lime. Granted its name after the famous tattooist Norman Collins who invented the recipe.
Dude 1: You ever had Sailor Jerry's Rum?

Dude 2: Yeah! Strong! But goes down smooth!
by Sailor Jerry's Drinker January 17, 2010
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