Sagi - means The cooles sheet eround, if you will ever see A Sagi you'll know , It's Just Mean Cool, Even Super Cool!
Question : Sheat Dog Have you seen the lates VideoClip Of DMX?
Answer : YEa Dog It's Sagi For Real!
by Sagi Mor March 22, 2007
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abbreviated form of sagittarius, the zodiac sign symbolized by an archer (or arrow). also, a person that is a sagittarius.
jess told me she was a sagi, which is great, because i'm a gemini and we're compatible! *snort*
by rob doran July 12, 2005
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Women attending Russell Sage College in Troy, New York within walking distance of rpi; provides pussy for the otherwise lacking boys of rpi
rpi geek 1: man, I really need some pussy, but these rpi chicks are haggard
rpi geek 2: Of course they are. Everyone knows that rpi chicks are haggard. Go find yourself a Sagie.
by Blue Angel Sagie March 11, 2004
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Sagi is the most fabulous creature in this universe, and many others. also known as Shaggy. אין לי מה לכתוב יותר
I love Sagi.
Sagi is great.
by Sh499y December 22, 2020
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1) Not a virgin
i.e. puts out for rpi geeks or fratboys.

2) Dyke. **Not ALWAYS true.**

3) Hates men. ** Again not ALWAYS true.**
1 ex. "Eh, she doesn't mind... she's a sagie."
by Angel05 March 11, 2004
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He's sagy: everyone goes to him for advice.
by P. Archay January 24, 2018
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Sagi is a black dude that has a girlfriend called shaqed
I want to be just like sagi when I grow up, hes so cool
by NigeriaL November 21, 2021
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