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On 4th of july for theater/musical kids it is hamilton day, no it isn't the usa's independence day. It is hamilton day.
Person A: hey what date is it?
Person B: its the 4th of july
Person A:oh it's hamilton day! Do you wanna celebrate it with me?
Person B:sure
by Some musical fan July 4, 2021
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It is when something is sad and you and an ing to the end to explain your feelings abt the sad thing
Person A: man that characters backstory is so saddening
Person B:i disagree, i think this other characters backstory is even more saddening
Person A: thats your opinion!!!
by Some musical fan August 13, 2021
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On the 4th of june, it is six the musical day for all theater/musical fans! Where you can enjoy the entire musical without getting judged
Person A: its six the musical day!

Person B: i made an entire playlist for this day lets listen to it together!
by Some musical fan July 4, 2021
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