the 's' means show and the 'c' means cover.

it's usually used on Insta stories.

what happens is someone puts a question sticker on their story, asking if anyone wants a 's or c'. if someone responds yes, then they dm (direct message) them and ask them a question. the other person gives their opinion.

then the first person asks 's or c', which means "when i screenshot this and put it on my story, do u want me to blank out your name?".

if other person responds 'c' then the first person will cover their name and profile picture. if they respond 's' then the first person will show their name and profile picture.
Guy 1 on insta: hey, anyone want a s or c?
Guy 2 responding: yeah bro, hit me up.
Guy 1: k, so why do u like your girlfriend?
Guy 2: cuz she a bad girl.
Guy 1: s or c?
Guy 2: s bro.
by 717123 June 5, 2019
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too say to someone to "suck a chowd" is too insult somone by telling them that they should suck a chowd it is often an insult suck a chowd suck a chowd

asshole: ha ha ur so gay
cool guy:u can go S,A,C
asshole:um aahhh...
bystander:ooohhh burn!!!
by ya mum hee hee July 20, 2008
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Used in Tik Tok. Apparently if you do that, thr video will get clout without having to actually be shared.

Mainly used by people that are trying to get a lot of viwes or people who are shadoebanned.
s/o/c please! I think im shadowbanned so it would help a lot.
by Whatareyoulookingat? June 18, 2020
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Stands for suck my cock. Used when saying suck my cock is too inappropriate.
In the movie Semi-Pro, Jackie Moon tells the referee to suck his cock. He is then ejected and asks the ref about what he said. The ref, being a pastor, says that he said, "s my c."
by Jackie Moon March 4, 2008
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When something is so scary you add two s’s
That was so s s c a r y
by Relapse. August 19, 2019
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Stands for SCCC, or Suffolk County Community College. It's the place that stupid mother fuckers on Long Island go to start "college"; they rarely finish and when they do, they take their associate's degree with them to work at Wendy's Drive Through.
Guy: Nice to meet, you Krystal. What do you do for a living?

Girl: Nothing, I go to S triple C during the day and wash hair in a Salon at night.

Guy: Please stop talking and get in my Camaro. Can I give you a Cleveland Steamer?
by Daytona Blue February 11, 2005
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"Hey boy! S my C! I like it dirtaay" - Kylie

"Ehhh thats kinda nasty...." -Boyfriend
by chickenbanananas March 27, 2009
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