Someone who gets horrifically drunk at inappropriate social gatherings but gives great life advice
John got trollied at his niece's 4th birthday party. What a rutabaga.
by rutabaga1 February 09, 2018
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Any attractive girl from a rural background between the age of legal consent and the age of her first pregnancy, a time period typically lasting only a few days or weeks (if at all).
I was at the state fair and met this total rutabaga, porked her behind the 4H shed.
by tbIII March 14, 2011
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The warm spot left on a chair after someone has been sitting in it.
"I got up from the couch for only a few minutes, but the cat is already curled up in my rutabaga."

"I hate finding a seat on a crowded train, only to realize I'm sitting in someone else's rutabaga."
by dharmadog November 03, 2018
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The one word that you can hear being subtly repeated while listening to a large crowd of people mumble among themselves. It sounds like everyone is saying "Rutabaga rutabaga rutabaga" over and over again.
The next time you are in a busy, talkative place, try to see if you can listen for the "rutabagas".
by StarCraft Maniac March 01, 2015
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One of five basic turd colors. This turd ranges in color from a crimson red to deep burgundy. Where as a crimson turd could very well mean that you've busted a roid, a burgundy shade suggests the likelihood of your fondness for beets. This turd could easily be mistaken for menstrual flow or visa-versa.

Also see: Sweet Potatoe Orange, Mid-Night Brown, Jet Black, Jungle Green
Having eaten two cans of pickled beets, I was assured the presence of a Rutabaga Red the following morning.

She left her Rutabaga Red in the crapper for all the world to see.
by NCKnobster February 06, 2011
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