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1. Textual sound made by a drummer in a children's book published in early 1970s with interesting psuedo-psychadelic pictures.

2. Short smooth wooden stick or pole, 2.5 to 3 inches in length, approximately a half-inch in diamter, painted in red and black swirl stripes, like the pattern of a common candy-cane, with no particular use.

3. The beginning of a childishly humorous phrase often voiced by young gradeschool-aged children, which procedes "... I found my butt inside of a liberty gut."
Rut tut tut, I found my butt inside of a liberty gut.
by P'tainz January 25, 2013
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1. The catchphrase of the two switch maestro penguins in their advert.

2. The last, vain attempt to get a laugh once a joke has gone flat. Usually unsuccessful.
1."Dum-dum-dum-da-dum, Rut-tut-tut."

2. "and then the French guy says 'deoderant, what's that?'. Heheh (awkward silence). Umm.. rut-tut-tut?"
by Brentmeister May 21, 2005
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