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To drop your testicles in ones mouth, and have them hummed or sang on. Teabag, Motorbloat, Head, Oral sex, Brains
Suzy gave John a nice Russian Teabag. She hummed amazing grace on his balls!
by Kozbot October 26, 2006
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When one dips one's balls into vodka and has his partner lap up the precious liquor from his scrotum. Can also be performed with caviar or creamed haring. In Russia, it is traditional to take a shot of vodka after performing the Russian Tea Bag.
Al walked in on his mom giving his dad a Russian Tea Bag last night. He said that he can't get the picture of his mom licking his dad's caviar covered balls out of his head.
by papafatsax April 23, 2007
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A tampon soaked in vodka & then inserted (vaginally for women, anally for men or women) in order to get drunk, as the alcohol enters your bloodstream faster & more concentrated than having to pass through the digestive system.
Carly wanted to get her buzz on without having to worry about her breath smelling of alcohol, so she used a Russian Teabag.
by dingleningle May 19, 2012
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