Typically a hairy Middle-Eastern Man in his late 40s. Also they tend to wear a silk blouse buttoned up only half way. Their blouse reveals their gold chain neckalce--tangled in their chest hair.
Woah look at that Rushin, lets give a body haircut!
by oPanduhh March 28, 2011
Young-uns what're in a hurry.
"Those pesky rushin's
should slow-down and chill.
by alteregoboy December 4, 2006
A Rushin is a man that will say nice things about you without realising it, has a good sense of humour, is well mannered, mentally strong and is quiet most of the time.

But given enough time and comfort, his mouth will never stop moving and he will easily become the source of your headache

Also he has no hoes
Guy 1: This guy was so quiet when he got here, and now he can't stop talking
Guy 2: Must be a Rushin
by Jeffrey Montana November 23, 2021